13 April 2017

Personal data protection

Why protect your data?

For consumers, the development of the Internet and the rise of GAFA has highlighted the economic interest of this new “oil”: the personal data. Professionals are not on the safe side and are concerned by industrial espionage or even ransomware. This led to the introduction of prudential rules through the General Regulations for the Protection of Personal Data (GPDR or RGPD in French).

We believe that after the massive authentication services deployment in the early 2000s and the electronic signature 10 years later, the 2020s will be conducive to encryption solutions driven by this need to protect individuals’ information assets.

Indeed, security should be implemented in a global way to be effective and within the framework of the GDPR, it is a question of understanding where the data are, how to encrypt them, how to keep encryption keys securely and finally know who gets it and when.

What services?

Our expertise focuses on encryption solutions in the broadest sense: software and hardware (HSM), taking into account, of course, cryptographic evolution, including evolution towards asymmetric encryption and the use of elliptic curves. In addition, we mean encryption in the sense of personal data but also in the context of communications between cryptographic media and online applications, through Secure Messaging (SCP or PACE) processes.