13 April 2017


Research and development, collaborative projects


Biometric fast boarding solution for loyal travelers ALITALIA


Period 2009 – 2010
Client NERGAL Consulting (Italy) for account ALITALIA
Keywords biometry, ICAO, fast boarding

This project received an IRC (Research Tax Credit), a public grant from the Ministry of Industry recognizing innovation in R & D.

Project object

Design and prototyping of an integrated solution to test the performance of the following scenarios:

  • Enrollment of the loyal traveler;
  • Control at the boarding gates.

Example of a boarding gate incorporating biometric and non-contact reading systems

This solution is based on a contactless card that complies with the ICAO (IATA) standard but is suitable for verifying the fingerprint in the card (Match On Card). This prototyping enabled ALITALIA to accurately measure the processing times of the various possible options in the use processes. It confirmed that the technologies were compatible with the operational constraints of a fast boarding solution and chose the best-performing scenario in order to minimize overall transaction delays.

Thanks to the success of this first stage, BCA was asked to prepare the response for the launch of a pilot involving 2 airports (Milan and Rome) and 8 boarding gates for a population of 18,000 loyal passengers on a total population close to of one million users.

Mission description

  • Drafting of a preliminary analysis report on the estimation of transaction processing delays;
  • Drafting of the functional specifications of the application and operating services;
  • Writing technical specifications:
    • Including a global security and privacy report in accordance with AIPA laws in Italy;
    • Complies with CUTE protocols specifications, which are mandatory for airport computer applications.
  • Development of loyalty and control applications at passenger gateways;
  • Integration of hardware devices (contactless reader, biometric sensors …);
  • Evaluation of a global budget for the implementation of a pilot with 8 gates at 2 airports

MassiliaNUM, platform for managing public and private e-services


Period 2012-2015
Client Funded project, Future Investment Project (PIA)
Keywords IAS ECC / eIDAS, NFC, VHBR, Service Intermediation

Project object

Design and experimentation of new Digital Identity services and technologies

This project foreshadows the uses of a CNIe (National Electronic Identity Card) based on an intermediary platform for online and public services, based on a smart card . This card is based on a PKI JavaCard IAS ECC technology platform and benefits from a contactless interface capable of handling VHBR exchanges (Very High Baud Rate) reaching up to 27 Mbit/s.

  • Implementing a comprehensive and integrated eIDAS ecosystem
    • IAS contactless cards
    • Tablets and Smartphones NFC
    • Identity Management Platform and Application Servers
  • Technology State of the Art
    • Privacy Management
    • Cryptography
      • AES, elliptic curves
    • Contactless Technology (VHBR)
    • SO 14443, VHBR, eBooster, NFC
  • Multimodal Identity Management Platform
  • Development of new services
    • Payment and administrative procedures


  • Gemalto
  • DocaPost BPO
  • ABC Smart Card
  • ISEN
  • Smart Packaging Solutions
  • Business Card Associates

Mission description

Specify digital services in the administration (e-government applications) and private services (payment applications) segments

PJ: «MassilaNUM, towards the Next Generation of eID solutions– Wordl eID Forum – Marseille – 2014
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PICS project, bring the control of personal data back to their owners


Period 2017-2019
Client Financed project, Future Investment Project (PIA)
Keywords eIDAS, Personal Information Management System (PIMS)

This 24-month project has been labeled by the competitiveness clusters Systematic (Ile-de-France), Imaginove (Lyon) and PICOM (Lille).

Project object

78% of Internet users believe that it is difficult to trust businesses to exploit their personal data. The objective of the Personal Information Controller Service (PICS) project is to enable any user of a digital service to control the use of his or her personal data.

  • Product: software platform in service mode based on a secure personal information space (strong authentication with a contactless physical medium, “wristband” type), whose interoperability with the SaaS services can be controlled by the user
  • Innovations: lifting technology-related barriers
    • Security: modeling the control of data communicated to e-services; strong authentication (European eIDAS standard)
    • Thea posterioricontrol of data usage on the Internet (Data Mining and Big Data)
    • Ergonomics: graphic normalization of the General Terms of Use; non-intrusive interoperability with web and mobile clients and e-services
    • Societal acceptance of the platform in e-administration and e-commerce.


  • SOFTEAM, ETI editor of BPM e-Citiz software product
  • Anyware Services
  • Gemalto
  • OVH
  • Orange (Cloud for Business, state cloud)
  • INSA Lyon (LIRIS)
  • Lille University 2 (MERCUR)
  • Paul Sabatier University (IRIT)
  • Business Card Associates

Mission description

Design and realize a prototype of an innovative strong authenticationwearable, compatible with the desktop and mobile environments and communicating in contactless mode.

PICS project websitehttp://pics-project.e-citiz.com