13 April 2017


Our Expertise

Information assets have taken on a major importance in our economies. Whether in the Consumer market with the emergence of GAFA, the professional sector with cyber​security issues, but also the Administrations and thus the States fighting Cyber-crime and Cyber-Terrorism.

Concretely, once this information capital becomes important and makes us vulnerable, it is necessary to implement security, physical and logical rules. This includes a policy of access management (and, indeed, identities), to ensure that only authorized people will have access to the data, but also to protect the data themselves, for example by using encryption solutions .

Our value proposition is to enable you to implement these practices in the best conditions. Our expertise focuses on the following 3 application segments: strong authentication, electronic signature and encryption.

Why BCA?

  • We benefit from a transversal positioning which facilitates the integration phases because we remain focused on the cryptographic support and its life cycle. Thus, we collaborate with the publishers of strong authentication, electronic signature and encryption solutions, either through partnerships or through specific projects.

  • We benefit from a wide range of products and services through partnerships with major industry players in the sector: cryptographic media, multi-factor authentication servers, Hardware Security Modules (HSM), Card / Token Management System (CMS / TMS).
  • We constantly maintain our knowledge of regulations, standards and standardization
  • We benefit from a wide professional network that allows us to gather expertise and skills that are complementary to our own, and are therefore able to face great challenges with our clients.
  • We favor Open Source solutions and are glad to study implementation schemes that use these resources.

Our solutions

The solutions proposed by BCA leverage part or all of the following items:

  • Hardware
    • Cryptographic devices
      • PKI Secure Element: smart cards, contact and contactless, hybrid and Dual technologies, MicroSD
      • Smart card readers: straight or PINpad, contact and contactless, USB plugs, adapters, biometric sensors
    • Hardware Security Modules (HSM), supporting crypto-devices life cycle management
  • Middleware
    • Cryptographic libraries
    • Drivers and APIs addressing crypto devices
    • Biometric data management tools
    • Diagnostic tools
    • Dedicated installers
  • Development & integration software tools (SDK)
  • Applications, on premises or SaaS mode
    • Authentication
    • Encryption
  • Services
    • Contracting Authority Support – system architecture
    • Project Management Support – project management
    • SLA and software maintenance L2 & L3
  • Training
    • Regulatory evolutions
    • Technology trends

In addition, our professional network and our expertise allow us to compose these solutions with or around the following applications: identification, authentication, signature, encryption, timestamping or cryptographic media life cycle management systems (Card / Token Management System).

How to go further?

Our motivation is to put the user, not forgetting the operator, the professional or the general public, back at the heart of the digital identity and also allow it to protect a certain level of independence vis-à-vis operators in the broad sense. This is the focus of our R & D activities, including the wearables concept.

We are convinced that we currently have a strong and stable technological base but that we need:

  • Develop solutions to make them more ergonomic and user-friendly
  • Demonstrate pedagogy to enable our clients to make the right choices. This requires a good understanding of the needs, the constraints of implementation and exploitation, but above all a comparative analysis of the proposed solutions.

Do not hesitate to ask us to discuss these subjects, we do our job with passion and feel always enriching to exchange!